lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

Fears & Phobias

Hello, we are Helena, Laura and Ainara, and we are going to talk about fears and phobias, here you are going to see a lot of different types of fears and phobias. Enjoy it. ;)
ADVICE: the people with these fears and phobias don't see or read this.

Hi, I am Helena and here are some famous with different fears and phobias.

David Beckham and the messThe player is a victim of ataxofobiait´s the same he has a strong fear of disorder. "Everything in the house has to be matched," told his wife in an interview, "if there are three cans of Coke, he takes one because it is unequal"

Jhonny Deep and the clowns
The actor always stated to feel unexplained phobia of clowns. "It will be for the face paint or fake smile," says Depp about what he believes makes clowns so creepy"They always seem to be lurking, as if beneath that appearance to hide a demon"

Hi, I am Laura and today I am going to talk about my family's phobias and mines:

My family's phobias:

My cousin's phobias:  My cousin is too scary of elevators, dark places and stay locked in any room. 


My aunt's phobias: My aunt is very afraid of spiders, bees, and snakes.

My grandmother's phobias:  My grandmother is afraid of small places, and big dogs.

My Phobias:

I am afraid when before going to sleep, I see a scary movie and  sometimes I am scared when I am alone at home. I am also scared of black wolfs.


My phobia:

Hi I am Helena and I going to talk about my phobia. I have phobia to spiders when I see one I go away running and shouting, when is a spider near although is a very little spider I can´t kill it I have to ask someone to kill it because I paralize and I can´t do anything.

Then another fear but is not a real fear is disgust to cockroaches because are small and black and if you stamp it on the floor it sound like you have blouken a pencil is very nasty I hate it.

My phobia:

Hi I am Ainara, and I am going to talk about my fears.I have fear of fear, it is something really strange and I know, but I have fear of fear, and that's the truth.

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    The fear of something based on experience is something to get rid of; irrational fear- never been there but terrified to go there- sure; but no smells go with that; seems quite rational for the brain to remember it had a painful or dangerous experience and to be wary of going there again